After School Woosah.

an illustration by alleanna harris of a teenage girl laying on the floor in the sunlight

As a kid and a teen, one of my favorite things was the moment right after I got home from school. I would walk through the front door, take off my backpack, peel out of my jacket… and then lay on the floor. That’s it. I’d just lay there. Doing completely nothing. And if it was sunny, I’d lay in the sunlight. I still do it randomly. If I don’t have anything to do, I just lay down and stare at the ceiling. I don’t know why it’s so relaxing for me, but it just is.

The Last Moments of Summer

a drawing by alleanna harris of a girl looking out of her window at a late summer sunset

You know what was weird for me as a kid? Going to bed during the first couple weeks of back to school time. It’s so clearly summer, but it’s not. It’s still light outside when it’s time for bed and it’s still warm, but it feels different. I always wondered if the difference was in my head. I guess the only thing you really can do is soak up the last moments of summer. 

Plane Museum

an illustration by alleanna harris of a girl looking up at a vintage airplane in an aviation museum

In first or second grade, my friend Michael B. had his birthday party at a small local airplane museum. As a kid I really loved vintage planes, airshows, and airplane hangar (I still do) so walking around the museum was amazing for me. I was a small kid, so I remember everything as being way bigger than it actually is. This is what the museum felt like to me.

I also remember it was REALLY cold outside because it was mid January. There was a patch of ice outside that everyone kept slipping on, lol. Also, the Runway Cafe had the best chicken fingers ever!