Office Space

an illustration by alleanna harris of the outside of an office building and the people inside

Kind of a flashback Friday: During my last two years of college at UArts, I commuted back and forth to school. I’d always get to class really early and would sit and look out the window while I waited for my friends and for class to start. The 14th floor window at the end of the hallway was my favorite spot. I’d always look at the windows of the office building next to our building and I could always see the people inside working.

Side note: I looked at my drawing after I finished it and I could see the influence from Pascal Campion and Tadahiro Uesugi! Look them up, their work is amazing.

~Pensive Computing~

Student sitting at the computer by Alleanna Harris

I remember seeing this guy staring at the computer while I was sitting at one of the main tables in the 8th floor computer lab in the Terra building. He was so intense that I had to draw him. I can’t remember why I was at the lab. I was probably printing something out or waiting for the Narrative Film class to start.