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Philadelphia City Hall

an inktober drawing by alleanna harris of philadelphia city hall

My inktober’s theme is Philadelphia! More specifically, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The parkway is Philly’s main cultural/scenic boulevard, and this year is its centennial celebration. So to start off, today’s inktober drawing is of Philadelphia City Hall!

City Hall was designed by architect John McArthur Jr in the Second Empire style. Construction began in 1871 and ended in 1901. At its completion, it was the world’s tallest habitable building. It’s currently the world’s tallest masonry building, with an exterior structure made out of limestone, granite and marble. With almost 700 rooms, City Hall is the largest municipal building in the US. It houses the Mayor’s office, the Philadelphia City Council, and court rooms for civil trials.

Side note: I was going to cover the history behind the William Penn statue at the top of City Hall, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Original drawing available for purchase here.

Ella Fitzgerald

a black history month illustration by alleanna harris of the legendary jazz singer ella fitzgerald

Today’s Black History Month illustration is of Ella Fitzgerald, the first Black woman to win a Grammy award. Often called the First Lady of Song, Fitzgerald is known for her tone, diction, phrasing, intonation and scatting/improvisational ability.

Side note: this is a pencil sketch that I did a little while ago! Back to the computer tomorrow.

Now available for purchase here.