Ralph and Blue

an illustration by alleanna harris of ralph angel bordelon and blue bordelon from the ava duvernay created tv show queen sugar on oprah winfrey's network

“Don’t change nothin.”

I didn’t want to spoil the Queen Sugar season three finale for anyone, so I illustrated a scene from a prior episode. I chose this scene because I love the father/son bond between Ralph Angel and Blue.

If you don’t watch it, please do. Ava Duvernay is the co-creator and all the episodes are directed by women. It’s beautifully written and beautifully shot.

Black Panther

an illustration by alleanna harris of a scene from the marvel movie black panther

Hey everyone!! I haven’t been on here in a while. Lots of cool projects (yay) and my laptop stopped working (not yay), but I got a new laptop and my files are recovered (super yay) so I’m here now!

Who’s seen Black Panther?? Thoughts? I loved it. I had to draw my favorite setting in the movie. I loved the ancestor scenes so much. For this illustration I challenged myself to use only one brush, including the eraser. I used the impressionist brush from Kyle T. Webster. It was hard, but I liked having to think in a different way.